Circumcision Procedure

Your baby’s circumcision will be performed using a Plastibell. This is a small plastic ring which fits inside the foreskin over the head of the penis. A ligature (string) is tied on the outside of the foreskin so that the foreskin is compressed between a deep groove on the ring on the inside and the ligature outside. There are several advantages to this Plastibell technique.

  1. The clamping cuts off circulation of the foreskin so it should not bleed.
  2. Because the circulation is cut off it is difficult for infection to ascend beyond that point.
  3. The clamping cuts off the nerve supply so that it should be relatively painless afterwards.
  4. Because the Plastibell is sitting over the head of the penis it accurately defines the level at which the circumcision occurs.
  5. No dressings are necessary. You can bathe him normally and the ring will drop off of its own accord several days later.

Some people are under the impression there is no cutting involved but this is not so. It is normal practice to trim off the surplus foreskin above the ligature point as this skin becomes vascular and will die off anyway. Removal of this part of the foreskin is part of the Plastibell procedure so that when the procedure is over circumcision is complete.