How to use the LMX4 Anaesthetic Cream

The FIRST 2/3 of the tube of cream however MUST BE APPLIED 2 HOURS BEFORE, with the remaining 1/3 cream APPLIED 1 HOUR BEFORE, the procedure time.

A generous amount of cream should be applied to the whole outside of the penis. Once that area is thickly coated with cream, it is wrapped with Gladwrap (to keep the cream in place and not out in the nappy where it is wasted). The Gladwrap is left open at the free end so that urine can pass through but if necessary the cream and Gladwrap can be topped up (more cream and more Gladwrap). The cream is slowly absorbed over the two hour period so that if you have used lots of cream your baby should not feel any pain. Furthermore the anaesthetic effect lasts for around 4 hours after the procedure and by the time the anaesthetic wears off the tissue beyond the tie has died off and there should not be any time during which your baby experiences significant pain.