New Treatments

What's New - latest innovations in Pelvic Medicine

Mesh Reconstruction

This technique uses a mesh to hold the vagina in the proper anatomical position, and thus to correct the prolapse.

There are currently over 5 mesh "kits"in use for this purpose. Dr Tarr has experience with them all & has previously

taught several of these procedures to other Gynaecologists both here in Australia & overseas.


A permanent sub urethral polypropylene sling inserted as a day procedure case & which provides permanent cure

of urinary stress incontinence.


A biological material derived from pig gut epithelium . It is a perfect medium for all forms of cells to grow in & when

placed in tissues the tissue will be replicated in the SIS to form totally natural tissue with no fibrosis or scarring.

This has distinct advantages in younger women with prolapse in whom a permanent mesh may not be advisable.

The Electric Chair®

The chair delivers electromagnetic signals that penetrate the muscles from below. This procedure is more efficient

when combined with pelvic floor training.